French Dual Language Fund

French Dual Language Fund

Dual language education boosts student academic performances across subjects and supports social-emotional learning, all with the added benefits of learning another language.


The French Dual Language Fund (FDLF) makes bilingual education accessible to a new generation of young Americans within the public educational sphere, empowering a multilingual generation with an expanded worldview and the agency gained through access to diverse cultures. The FDLF aims to expand the reach of French dual language education and French culture across the United States.


Half of the public schools supported by the FDLF are ‘Title 1’ schools, which serve students from less advantaged communities; a majority are minority students. The FDLF supports young learners across the US and serves French students, American anglophone students, and students from diverse international backgrounds who speak French as a heritage language.


In the years since the launch of the FDLF in 2017, the number of French dual language immersion programs has grown 35%. We are committed to making dual language education accessible to every student through a robust and growing network of schools and resources.

Four Initiatives Support French Dual Language Schools

Annual Grants

Support schools in enriching their pedagogical materials, adopting translated curricula, and spearheading new programs. Annual grants support the creation of Francophone zones in schools, as well as training for bilingual program staff.

Future Immersion Teachers

Scholarships to train a new generation of teachers to be educators in dual language classrooms.

French Teaching Interns

Grants providing language teaching assistants from France who enrich the bilingual classroom environment.

French Dual Language Professional Development Summer Institute

An annual summer training program for new teachers gathers dual language educators from across the US, promoting a sense of community and best practices in the French dual language network.

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This program is part of French for All, a new comprehensive initiative to support equity in access to French language education in the United States.