French Immersion and Bilingual Schools

French Immersion and Bilingual Schools

Offering a quality bilingual education for public school students across the US.

The benefits of a bilingual education are widely recognized and well-documented by cognitive researchers. Students who learn in two languages benefit from greater open-mindedness, improved cognitive and intellectual agility, and an edge in accessing top-tier universities and an increasingly globalized job market. 

Designed for children of all backgrounds, French immersion and bilingual programs are embedded in public schools across the United States and offer students the opportunity to take classes in both English and French. As subjects such as math, science, or history are taught in French in these immersion programs, French becomes the medium of instruction, rather than simply being taught as a foreign language.

A growing number of public schools in the United States now offer bilingual language immersion programs. The network currently serves more than 33,000 students in 180 schools across 30 states. 

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Label FrancEducation

Awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Agency for French Education Abroad, the Label FrancEducation is the official accreditation granted to schools offering a French bilingual program.  

To apply for accreditation, schools must meet a set of rigorous criteria: a minimum of 20% of subjects must be taught in French; teachers must be highly qualified, certified, and fluent in French; the school must have a strong professional development plan and a commitment to quality education; it must participate in official language tests; and it must provide an environment that inspires an interest in French culture.  

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