New Pathways to Teaching French

New Pathways to Teaching French

Offering Americans and native French speakers a fast track to becoming a teacher of French.

Multi-State Pathways to Teaching French

In memory of Yvonne André Istel

Launched in response to the shortage of teachers of French in the United States, this program helps those with a strong mastery of French become teachers of French with fewer obstacles than the traditional track to obtain a teaching license might present. Participants of the program must possess authorization to work in the US. 

While Multi-State Pathways is not a teaching certification in and of itself, completing the program facilitates and expedites candidates’ acceptance to an accredited teaching license program. 

Those enrolled in the program initially complete 60 hours of online training and an introductory course in French teaching, which can translate to up to three credits at the accredited teaching institution where they ultimately earn their teaching license. 

After completing the initial training hours, participants create a Personalized Learning Plan, which outlines the last steps required to obtain a license. Participants are also connected with the appropriate state and district administrators who may help them find a position at a school and finish their certification while gaining classroom experience. 

Throughout the Multi-State Pathways process, participants benefit from support from the French Embassy and local organizations in charge of providing them with detailed and curated information on accreditation pathways available to participants in their own state.

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TAPIF to Teacher Initiative

Every year nearly 1,500 new TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France) participants travel to France to take advantage of this unique opportunity to live in France to improve their French proficiency level and discover the teaching profession. They spend 7 months teaching English to French students of all ages in French public schools both in metropolitan France and in the overseas French territories. 

By choosing to become part of TAPIF, this cohort inherently demonstrates their interest in language teaching. In fact, according to a survey, 30% of TAPIF participants are seriously considering a career in teaching. 

The TAPIF to Teacher Initiative provides TAPIF participants and recent alums with a clear and accelerated path to a career in teaching French through a Université de Nanterre online foundational certificate program (Diplôme d’Université) that can be completed during their TAPIF term. The certificate program is offered in partnership with US universities and up to 12 credits can be transferred towards MAT and M.Ed. programs.

Candidates must be current TAPIF teaching assistants and U.S. citizens or green card holders to apply.

Thanks to the French for All initiative, the French Embassy will offer up to 100 scholarships for this certificate.

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This program is part of French for All, a new comprehensive initiative to support equity in access to French language education in the United States.