Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Abroad Opportunities

Every year, more than 18,000 students from American colleges and universities choose to study abroad in France.

As a leading nation for research and innovation offering reasonably priced, state-funded education, France draws more than 18,000 students from the US each year. Explore our programs below to learn how you can take advantage of the more than 1,600 academic programs taught in English and join the ranks of more than 400,000 international students. 

Community College in France

Every student should have access to study abroad opportunities. The Community College in France initiative provides students with the opportunity to participate in short-term summer programs or enroll in degree-granting programs abroad. Accessible pricing and scholarships are available. For participating administrators, the exchange program serves as an opportunity to connect with their French counterparts, explore new teaching methods, and spark future collaborations. If you are a current student and interested in learning more about and applying to the program, click here.  

Get a Degree in France

Campus France USA facilitates all aspects of US-based students’ entry into French universities, from scholarly advice to visa applications. Discover more about degree programs, scholarships, and grants on Campus France’s website. 

Join the France Alumni Network

If you have studied abroad in France or earned a degree from a French university, join France Alumni USA. This online platform launched by Campus France connects an international community of more than 340,000 alumni from around the world to unite, inform and guide professionals who have completed part or all of their studies in the French education system. 

Every year, Campus France USA brings together a group of Alumni Ambassadors––US students who have completed a degree in France––to mentor the next generation of students and share their experiences at events across the country.