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Méthode Room | Chicago

Julien Creuzet | Rebuild Foundation
April 5 - May 26, 2017

Born in 1986, Julien Creuzet is a French-Caribbean artist who lives and works in Paris. A visual artist and poet, he actively intertwines these two practices via amalgams of sculpture, installation and textual intervention that frequently address his own diasporic experience. Inspired by the poetic and philosophical reflections of Aimé Césaire and Édouard Glissant on creolization and migration, Creuzet’s work focuses on the troubled intersection of the history of Martinique and the events of European modernity.

After his residency at Rebuild Foundation’s Méthode Room on Chicago’s South Side, Julien Creuzet presented a solo exhibition at DOCUMENT (Chicago), a suite of photomontages drawn from a dense set of personal associations. Unexpected juxtapositions produce a patchwork organization in which fantastic, psychedelic imaginaries ricochet and mutually inflect. The artist engraves clipped poems reminiscent of haiku onto the surface of these photographic prints, as if visualizing a voiceover commentary. Drawn from research undertaken while Creuzet was a resident their ultimate effect is akin to landscapes comprised of fragmented narratives.

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