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Méthode Room | Chicago

Peggy Pierrot
Untold stories - conversations between the dead and the livings
July 1st - September 30, 2018

Peggy Pierrot is a writer, researcher and activist who believes journalism, publishing, writing, and radio are necessary tools in making the voices of society’s silenced groups and individuals audible. In her research and re-reading of dominant history’s discourse, Pierrot is committed to using her field to work directly with communities. Born into the 1970s generation that saw the birth of social miscegenation, cultural cross-fertilization, and integration in metropolitan France, Pierrot draws from her personal experiences from this angle to reinterpret French (and more broadly European), American, and African diaspora history and questions of nationalist discourses in the globalized world we live in today.

As the next resident of the Méthode Room in Chicago, Pierrot will collaborate with different local institutions, such as, Hyde Park Art Center, Experimental StationTemporary Service PublishersDusable Museum of African-American History and Expo Chicago, inviting local communities to actively participate in her exhibitions through workshops, lectures, screenings, interviews, and radio programs. Pierrot will ultimately develop a multiform writing project that ties together her personal affective links to the city with open dialogues between 'the living and the dead', such as, war soldiers, OBAC or union leaders, slaves, French Jacobins, Chicago musicians, political activists, writers, victims of police violence, as well as her own ancestors linked to French colonial history.

The Méthode Room is a program of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Chicago, conceived and curated by Guillaume Désanges (Work Method) and made possible thanks to the generous support of FACE in Chicago, a program of FACE Foundation, and the France Chicago Center at the University of Chicago.