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Centre National du Livre Translator Residencies

These commissions are made up of representatives of the administration, publishing professionals and qualified persons. Assessment criteria include : quality of the work in the original version, the relevance of translating or retranslating the work into the language of the country concerned, difficulty of the translation project quality of the sample translation, necessity to reside in France to accomplish the translation.

The commissions meet three times a year.  Application dossiers are transmitted to the CNL by the Cultural departments of the French Embassies accompanied by a detailed opinion.

All applications must be received by the Book Department of the French Embassy in New York (972 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10075) at least three weeks before one of the following deadlines:
February 20 
June 10
October 31  

The application file can be downloaded here

For a past review of the translator residency: visit our page

And for more information, including a list of required documents, consult the full CNL guidelines.

Application form: