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Marianne Midwest Series

October 11, 2013 | 1 hour 52 mins | University of Chicago 


In this discussion, Julia Kristeva (Université Paris Diderot) and Arnold Davidson (Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor) discuss the future of the Humanities in North America and Europe. Referencing several thinkers, such as Michel Foucault, Primo Levi, and Immanuel Kant, this discussion touches on a range of issues concerning the Humanities. The program starts with Kristeva’s presentation on the crisis of civilization. She explains that our cultural heritage is one of questioning and discusses the concept of “humanism.” Arnold Davidson presents his idea of humanism and the concept of “humanities.” Moving on, he describes reading as a spiritual exercise and the importance of communication.

After each speaker has a chance to comment on what was said by the other, the moderator, audience, and satellite locations are invited to ask questions. Sarah Hammerschlag acts as the moderator, introducing the speakers and guiding audience discussion.

This program made possible with the support of the following UChicago French ClubThe Franke Institute for the HumanitiesThe University of Chicago Divinity School, and The University of Chicago Center for International Studies and part of Marianne Midwest Series organized by the Cultural Services at the Consulate General of France in ChicagoAlliance Française in Chicago, and France Chicago Center at the University of Chicago.

BROADCASTED LIVE IN 3 MIDWEST CITIES: Alliance Française of Minneapolis, Alliance Française of Milwaukee, and Alliance Française of Kansas City