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Best of French Short Films from the Clermont-Ferrand Festival

With a program developed by the programmers of International Short Film Festival - Clermont-Ferrand, Best of French Short Films is offering the following seven films from the 2016 Festival:


2017 Oscar Nomination: Best Live Action Short Film

Director: Sélim Azzazi
Details: 2015. France. 27'33. Fiction
Synopsis: During the 90s, Algerian terrorism reaches France. Two men. Two identities. One battle.
Screener: https://vimeo.com/213684305 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Director: Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh
Details: 2015. France. 15'30. Fiction
Synopsis: Youri is twenty years old and he has always lived with his mother in a housing development near Paris. Now his building is about to be demolished because of an urban renovation project. But how can you take flight when your spaceship has been grounded?
Screener: https://vimeo.com/194093664 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Director: Antoine Delacharlery
Details: 2015. France. 6'00. Animation
Synopsis: Both a scientific and dreamlike documentary, GHOST CELL is a stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope.
Screener: https://vimeo.com/194094218 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Director: Demis Herenger
Details: 2014. France. 28'54. Fiction
Synopsis: Guy Moquet (or Guimo, or Guim’s) promised Ticky to kiss her at dusk in front of everybody, right in the middle of the neighborhood. Maybe not that crazy, but surely not that simple.
Screener: https://vimeo.com/194096102 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Director: David Coquard-Dassault
Details: 2015. France. 12'00. Animation
Synopsis: A journey into the heart of a great, abandoned council estate. PERIPHERIA depicts an urban environment turning wild: a modern Pompeii where the wind blows and dogs roam through the vestiges of human life.
Screener: https://vimeo.com/194096785 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Director: Loïc Espuche
Details: 2015. France. 4'19. Animation
Synopsis: Fabio and Dimitri head to the Chicha so that Dimitri can finally perhaps talk to Linda. On the way, they cross a duck with its ducklings.
Screener: https://vimeo.com/194736178 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr


Director: Paul Wenninger
Details: 2015. France-Austria. 13'30. Animation
Synopsis: We are bombarded by the intensity of a battle between desperate soldiers during the First World War. Each frame of this animated live-action film reveals its own painful yet detailed history. The numbing futility of war, the agony of conflict and survival, the discovery of brotherhood. 
Screener: https://vimeo.com/194736783 
Password: contact lucie.detrain@diplomatie.gouv.fr