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All films and educational portfolios are available for schools, Alliances Françaises and cultural institutions. Teachers, curators and programmers may choose to screen any film from the catalogue. While there may be screening fees for some of the titles, all portfolios are available to download free of charge.


Several movies are available for each age category. The films have been selected by age group, based on the film’s complexity, format, and themes.

Different Types of Screenings

  • Classic Screenings: Schools who wish to organize a screening in a movie theater should contact the closest Alliance Française, the local branch of the Cultural Services, and a local partner venue (movie theater, cinemathèque) in order to organize the screening and the print transport. If the rights of the film belong to the Institut français, there are no screening fees. However, if the film has been released in the United States, the organizers of the screening must pay screening fees to the film distributor (between $200 and $400 for a screening). Furthermore, additional costs such as print transport and theater fees must be taken into consideration.
  • School Screenings: Films for which the Institut français is the rights-holder are available for streaming or download (for free) on the “IFcinema platform.” The organizers of the screening can also choose to screen the film in their schools on DVD or Blu-ray.

> Click “download the portfolio” to download the educational booklet in the language of your choice.
> If you wish to screen a film, please email Nathalie Charles (nathalie.charles@diplomatie.gouv.fr)

Educational Portfolios

The educational portfolios are available in French, English, and Spanish. Each portfolio is available for download for free and every age range offers a different level: the portfolios designed for four to six year-olds offer playful exercises, while the portfolios aimed at older students are more challenging, including sequence analysis and further reflective exercises.

The educational portfolios were created by Azadée Tolooie.