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Sep 22
When the Waves Have Come and Gone Plage des Catalans
Sep 22
Ideas and Ideals: Strong Female Voices III ONLINE EVENT  Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 
Sep 22
Ideas and Ideals: Strong Female Voices III ONLINE EVENT  Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 

Le Créative Lab North America

Alumni 2020 - Online!

Aodyo is the creator of the Sylphyo, the first electronic wind instrument that combines traditional techniques and the electronic world; 

Artsper is the European leader in the online sale of contemporary art. The platform gives access to a large catalog of contemporary art from the best galleries in the world; 

ASBA, a French iconic brand, designs and manufactures drums and percussion instruments "Made in France"; 

Dipongo has created an edutainment application and a manual to stimulate the creativity of children through original activities, surprising accessories and incredible challenges; 

Dronisos, a world leader, offers a unique solution to manage hundreds of light drones using automation, renewing the entertainment genre by making the sky the largest screen in the world;

Embodme has developed a new kind of musical synthesizer that uses the movements of the body, guaranteeing an unprecedented level of precision for a digital instrument, thanks to the precision of touch and freedom of movement in a 3D space; 

Emissive brings the best of immersive technologies to the worlds of culture and luxury, creating tailor-made experiences for museums around the world. Emissive has been named "most prestigious VR agency" by the magazine réalité-virtuelle.com in 2019; 

Groover is a platform that helps musicians to gain visibility and get feedback from media and labels looking for emerging talent. Since its launch in 2018, 300,000 returns have been made and 100 label signatures facilitated; 

Le Sud Multimedia has developed more than 1,000 educational games available online, for rent, and for immediate use or to be adapted as needed; 

Play In Lab helps studios and publishers lacking time or resources to internalize the key steps that guarantee the best quality for their video games;

Soclip is a deep tech company that provides its customers with an Artificial intelligence device capable of creating professional-quality video clips in seconds; 

Waves System develops a unique and complete portfolio of audio-visual solutions for museums (ultra-directional speaker for narrow audio areas, audio and video players; video and audio players for optimized with subtitling, remote control and mediation functions, etc.) in order to create immersive experiences and engage visitors; 

Wilkins Avenue has become a global reference in the creation of immersive experiences in augmented reality, capable of transforming any location and reinventing the user experience, as well as mixing the physical and digital worlds.

Alumni 2019 - NYC + MONTREAL

AJI Digital has developed touchscreen wall displays, easily customizable for the cultural, creative, and retail industries.

Blink Book / Edition Animées publishes animated coloring book: old-fashioned paper coloring books that use augmented reality to turn individual artworks into animated cartoons thanks to a free app called BlinkBook.

Hip Hop CommunityAn organizer of hip hop events since 2013, Ready Or Not recently used its expertise to launch Hip Hop Community, a network dedicated to putting all hip hop professionals in contact with the people who seek to hire them.

Livdeo created an innovative digital solution for museums, heritage and cultural venues: GEED. The platform provides visitors with universal access to multilingual, multimedia materials on their phones and tablets without any constraint: no internet connection, no app to download.

Mathematic is a 2D and 3D animation studio that produces commercial spots, special effects for television and films, 3D animated movies and video game trailers in both 2D and 3D.

Miscible is a digital production studio that works with agencies, studios and brands to produce creative digital products, particularly immersive experiences involving virtual reality and augmented reality.

Realcast offers innovative experiences in extended reality, providing a new way to discover museums, monuments and other cultural and historic locales through interactive, educational games.

Spideo: The Spideo Personalization solution provides multi-factor recommendation and smart data tools allowing multimedia platforms to offer their customers a more precise and personalized way to explore their catalogue.

Virtual Journey produces virtual reality experiences for the Heritage, Culture and Tourism industries. For Museums, Virtual Journey invites visitors to experience immersive and interactive 10-minute guided tours through virtual reality terminals.

Wipplay is a digital social network specializing in photography, with more than 50,000 photographs and major international photographs in its juries. Wipplay offers many ways to explore and exhibit art: contests, expositions, shops for collectors, and more.

Alumni 2018 - NYC + MONTREAL

Danae HI - Danae HI (Laffy Maffei) is an ArtTech/FinTech based on the tokenization of digital artworks, sales of custom-made editions (2D & 3D prints/AR/VR/videos) and royalties for token holders. Both a token exchange and a cultural agency, Danae HI addresses the three pillars of the art market: Investment- Emotion-Service.

Kiupe - Kiupe is a video game studio that o ers educational video games for kids aged 8-12, specializing in games that held children of all pro les and abilities to learn and practice math skills. Kiupe video games help children learn realistically, through a process of experimentation, failure, and adaptation.

Lunii - Lunii allows children to experience an immersive audio universe through an innovative screenless device and original content. Lunii designed My Fabulous Storyteller to o er a productive and fun way for kids to spend time. My Fabulous Storyteller comes preloaded with 48 stories that kids can individualize by choosing heroes, settings, etc. Hundreds of stories are available in 8 languages.

Minsar - Minsar by Opuscope is a multi-platform and fully integrated 3D CMS that enables anyone to easily create and distribute VR/AR/MR experiences throughout the world. Experiences are handcrafted directly in an immersive headset and distributed online. Free of technicalities, creators can unleash their imagination!

Monatitag - For your works of art, Editag provides monalitag®, an IoT all-in-one solution to answer the needs of security, conservation conditions monitoring, supervision and traceability in the storages, the exhibitions and during transportation.

My Appy Tours - My Appy Tours designs games for children on behalf of companies in the culture, leisure, travel and retail industries. These mobile apps provide fun for families and create tra c in situ for businesses.

Redison - Senstroke by Redison is the only contact-connected solution that enables you to turn any ordinary surface into a realistic-sounding drumkit. With Senstroke you can feel what you play, record your playing and improve your drumming anywhere.

Alumni 2017 - NYC + LA

Bear - BEAR is an augmented reality solution that allows publishers and brands to significantly grow their audiences and quickly reach the tech-savvy user or consumer who wishes to connect the physical and digital worlds.

biin - biinlab web platform designed by biin – Bureau d’Idées Nouvelles, or “office of new ideas” in English – allows cultural and touristic institutions, brands or events who want to convey information to their public, to create great touch apps in few clicks to highlight and share their data.

Euveka - Euveka is a start-up in France’s Drôme region specializing in robotic technologies linked to morphology and biomimicry. Euveka manufactures and develops evolutive and connected mannequins controlled by design software that are destined to be used by clothing industry professionals.

Firefly Cinema - Firefly Cinema offers solutions for managing and encoding high-resolution (up to 8K) digital dailies using Cloud Infrastructure at unprecedented speeds and for an unbeatable price.

Imatag - On the web, most images circulate without source or author information attached. IMATAG.com produces invisible and unbreakable watermark technology that ensures that any published image will forever be linked to its author.

Racontr - Racontr is an interactive digital design solution for graphic designers. With Racontr, create websites and mobile and desktop applications in no time. Get your creative freedom back, by giving life to your digital creations without hindrance.

Short Edition - Short Edition is the community publisher of short literature (200,000 regular readers, 7000 authors selected and 85 000 short stories). Short Edition created the Short Story Dispenser, a disruptiing innovation to promote culture and to improve customer relationship.

Skyboy - Skyboy creates Overlap Reality®, a technology that immerses cultural or touristic website visitors into an immersive experience in which reality and the virtual overlap.

Alumni 2016 - New York

Augmented Acoustics - Our unical technological solution allows spectators to access High-resolution personalisable and multitracks sound for a unique immersive experience with their favorite artist in concert.

Induo® - the shirt fabric that resists stains and perspiration.

Wakatoon - creates coloring book pages which, with a single photo, can be turned intopersonalized cartoons.

Wellcut - allows brands, the media, and fans to share their favorite video moments instantly.

Wonda VR - enables users to create and publish interactive videos for virtual reality masks.

44Screens - creates singular interactive visiting experiences combining augmented reality,
virtual reality, and games for cultural and historic sites.

Alumni 2016 - Paris

Holojam – we’re giving room scale VR capabilities to mobile VR. This brings together the best of both worlds – the low cost and portability of mobile VR with the social nature and deep immersion of room scale VR.

Emerging Market Media - Emerging Market Media is a media and technology firm founded by Dawn Kissi, an award-winning international journalist and executive producer.

Bluecadet – Bluecadet is an Emmy winning strategic innovation company that partners with leading museums, cultural institutions, universities, and nonprofit organizations.

DreamAI - DreamAI is a digital AI powered platform that delivers engaging and educational multicultural storybooks, audiobooks, music and video/animations.

Alumni 2015

Actialuna - Sequencity is the first digital comics bookstore which allows to be guided by the advice of real specialized booksellers.

Artips - Artips is a daily dose of art: three times a week, we send a quirky and memorable anecdote about an art masterpiece.

Booxup - Booxup is a mobile application dedicated to printed books sharing.

Interactive 4D & Transmedia Ready - Interactive 4D and Transmedia Ready design educational games, transmedia experiences and creative services for cultural organizations, based on an interactive methodology and an innovative gaming platform.

Keakr - KEAKR is an app providing tools that will allow those artists to simply and efficiently manage their on-line fame and career ; it will also allow the many new talents to emerge more easily.

Monument Tracker - Monument Tracker is a mobile Application revealing automaticly monument's history while you are walking.

Sisso - Sisso develops virtual tours based on 360° photography panoramas and 3D modelling.

Sonic Solveig - Sonic Solveig invents interactiv music that communicates with inventive auditors, towards a first high fair collection of musical digital applications.

Theatre in Paris - At THEATRE IN PARIS we unlock the language barrier to allow audiences from all over the world to get a taste of the magic of stage by attending theatre plays, surtitled in foreign languages, amongst the locals.

Update Marylin - My Story - Update Marylin is an original artistic work and conceived as a transmedia concept including a play, an ambulatory installation, a website, and two webseries.