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Jazz & New Music Program

      In 2004, the FACE Foundation and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy created two music programs encouraging collaborations between French and American artists and ensembles in the fields of jazz and contemporary music: the French-American Jazz Exchange and the Contemporary Music Fund, later renamed the New Music Fund.

      Over the past fifteen years, the two music programs have granted more than $ 3 million in funds to support more than 300 creative and commissioned projects, residencies, and tours in the world of jazz and contemporary music, resulting in more than 50 recordings and hundreds of concerts in France and in the United States.

      Created in 2019 as a merger of the two programs⁠—the French-American Jazz Exchange and the New Music Fund⁠—the Jazz and New Music program continues to support fruitful collaborations in the following ways: supporting new French-American commissions and creations; supporting United States-based residencies for French composers and musicians; and supporting tours in the United States by French ensembles and musicians.  

      For more details on Jazz and New Music, please visit https://face-foundation.org/artistic-funds/jazz-new-music/