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French Waves Documentary and the History of Electro in France

Daft Punk Concert

During the period of confinement, rediscover the highly discussed, 2017 documentary French Waves on Vimeo for free (website and documentary available in French and English).

Directed by Julian Starke, this documentary retraces the history of electro music in France through the eyes of the youngest generation. It traces the unique story of French Touch, the musical movement that played an essential role in the recognition of electronic music across the world. 

Beginning with the birth of House music in Chicago and Detroit and the first Raves in Hexagonal France at the start of the 90s, up until the global success of the French Touch, spearheaded by Daft Punk. It also explores the emergence of a new scene centered around French artists that inherited this modern history, including Jacques, Rone, Superpoze and the collective ClekClekBoom (Bambounou, French Fries). Every time, this history is told by those who have made it: the artists and the programmers.  

“The idea is to explore the possible links between different generations, between the artists that are between 20- and 30-years-old today and those of the prior generation, who are 40-years-old or older, the pioneers of electronic music in France. I wanted to understand this connection and influence that sometimes exists between certain artists (...) and see how the youngest group is opening the door towards new things. In order to make my choices. I tried to show off their value, to put them in the forefront, to better understand them and to share a small part of their artistic process. I had no desire to do something historical, something global. It was mostly a personal process. I wanted to see what was already established -- the press, audiences, clubs -- and how the youngest group was finding their place in all of this; to bring young artists forward by putting them on equal footing with well-established artists like Zdar and Laurent Garnier” - Julian Starke

This ambitious project is not limited to the film: Before all, French Waves is a transmedia project, also available in the form of a 10-episode web series (each dedicated to a cult fragment explained by its creator) and a chronological website that looks back on striking moments in French electro music history. 

And if after watching the documentary you feel like dancing, listen to our special French Waves playlist below!