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French Artist Rone releases new Video in partnership with the Collective (LA)Horde

The video single "Room With A View" comes out on July 8 on YouTube

On July 8th, French artist Rone releases new video of his single "Room with a view", in partnership with the dance collective (La)Horde.

Rone’s latest album “Room With A View” is inspired by a modern dance show built in collaboration with the collective (La)Horde around the themes of societal collapse and the fight against climate change. Set to go through a total of 10 performances at the Châtelet Theatre in Paris in March 2020, the show was cancelled due to the measures imposed by the Covid spread. However, the first performances were sold out and received praises from critics.

Rone has been an advocate for ecological and social awareness for some time now. An excerpt from his song “Motion” serves as the background to Greta Thunberg’s call to action with her “Nature Now” video. And “Room with a View" is another call to action, challenging artists to wage a «imaginary war» and create «new heroes» freed from consumerism, inspired by the words of French writer Alain Damasio.

Directed by (La)Horde, the video for the song “Room With A View” comes from the same place, as people search for the collective energy that can emerge from the chaos. A magnetic storm rises to unite Dance and Music in a frantic rhythm. This hurricane is not only destructive, it sweeps away the signs and symbols of a bygone era and forcibly projects men and women against each other in a paradoxical solidarity.

The Chatelet Theatre stage is the eye of this destructive storm. The fragile calm that reigns there is the place where new relationships are invented. This group of amassed bodies, which does not compose a society yet, will have to invent a new way of moving forward in order to open up the horizon again.

The eponymous song “Room With A View“ has a resolutely cinematographic character; it obeys a repetitive and progressive structure, made of loops that advance towards a closure that is constantly being pushed back. It seems to invite the audience to a profoundly melancholic march towards a still undefined future. Rone is the hero of this film, and the dancers gravitate around him.

Find more about the show "Room with a view" in this video.

Discover Rone's hits on our French Culture's playlist below:





When Erwan Castex’s career began, he was studying to become a filmmaker. Music changed Rone’s life but not his passion for images. The first album was built around a first video clip “Spanish Breakfast“ delivered by his friend Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka. Since then, each album reveals its batch of videos often made by a young generation of passionate and audacious directors. 
He has a pronounced taste for animation with the now mythical “Bye Bye Macadam“ by Dimitri Stankowicz (40 million views on Youtube), but also “Origami“ or “Mirapolis“. He likes to venture to the frontiers of reality and science fiction (“Parade“, “Down for the Cause“), in urban tourism (“So So So“, “Acid Reflux“, “Quitter La Ville“ EN-Leaving the City) or in offbeat building (“Let’s Go“), and he doesn’t forget to question technology (“OO“, “Wave“).  His films have been acclaimed by numerous prizes and millions of views worldwide.
On his latest album “Room with A View“, the artist questions the future of our societies. He invites us to rethink consumer society with «Ginkgo Biloba», our interactions with others with “Nouveau Monde“ and plunges us into an odyssey of futuristic space within the walls of a renaissance castle with “Human”.


(LA)HORDE is a collective of three artists, Marine Brutti / Jonathan Debrouwer / Arthur Harel, which was founded in 2013. Dance is at the heart of their project, around it the collective develops choreographic pieces, but also films, video installations and performances. (La)Horde directed and choreographed “Room With A View“, with the twenty dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille, of which they are now the directors.