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Oct 31
Albertine Halloween Event Albertine Bookstore, 972 5th Ave New York, NY 10075
Oct 31
Albertine Halloween Event Albertine Bookstore, 972 5th Ave New York, NY 10075

6 New French Pop Albums To Listen This Month!

If you are a fan of electro, pop or rap music, we hope you will like as much as we do those French albums released this September! Listen to Godford, Oklou, Yelle, Catastrophe, Damso and Le Motif for a thrilling and ecletic musical journey!

Non Binary Place by Godford

France’s newest tastemaker Godford released his debut LP Non Binary Place on Pack Records. Non Binary Place is an eccentric masterpiece which is equal parts rave nostalgia and a showcase of Godford’s raw, inventive sound. From the fluttering future garage of title track "Non Binary Place" to the trance-imbued melodies of “Blue” and the vocoded lyrics and high energy production of “Saw You” - it offers a history laden portal to a time worth celebrating in a time defined by disconnection. The LP sketches a vivid portrait of warehouses, club nights, and the shared embrace of rave we all hope to experience in the not so distant future. 

Galore by Oklou

French female producer and songwriter Oklou unveils her first mixtape at the crossroads between her classical music training and hypnotic electronic aesthetic. Her short pop songs take us into a mystical musical universe dealing with subjects such as loneliness, isolation and the will to exist. An intimate and emotional album to discover! 

L’ère du Verseau by Yelle

After a six-year hiatus, Yelle, a French dance-pop band comes back with a new collection of songs in L'ère du Verseau. Between dark techno, dance rhythm and melancholy, Yelle proves that their sophisticated style is still as modern and viral as ever!

Gong! by Catastrophe

With their second album Gong!, Catastrophe plunges us into a musical with energetic beats, poetic lyrics and bewitching voices. Six characters (anxiety, anger, laughter, gaze, faith and boredom) discuss our highly connected lives in an unpredictable show, the time running out, our worries and our joys. A delicious, wild and original musical that begs the question: Could Catastrophe be the avant-garde of French pop?

QALF by Damso

After 5 years of preparation, Damso returns with the highly anticipated QALF. The French rapper became the most streamed artist in the world on the day of the project's release. Combining ego trip and exploration of contradictory feelings, this is his fourth studio album and available on all platforms.

Première Partie by Le Motif

Le Motif, a French-speaking producer known for his work as a producer in the French hip hop landscape, releases his first EP. Inspired by the sounds of American hip-hop, he delivers a diverse palette of 8 tracks.