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Meet the Artists Supported by FACE Foundation in 2020

Jacques Schwarz-Bart ©Marc Baptiste, Nicolas Fraiseau ©Jean-Paul Bajard & Compagnie Massala ©Charlotte Audureau

In 2020, FACE Foundation, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, has rewarded diverse and innovative projects highlighting French-American cooperation in the fields of theater, dance, jazz, and contemporary music.

See below the first series of portraits, featuring several artists, their backgrounds, and their new and ongoing projects. This first glance offers you a better understanding of the jury's selection process as well as the uniqueness and eclecticism of the supported artists.

For FACE Contemporary Theater program, take a look at the portraits of Nicolas Fraiseau and Christophe Huysman, Juhyung Lee, Guy Régis Jr and Camille Trouvé.

For FUSED (French U.S. Exchange in Dance) program, discover Marie Houdin , Fouad Boussouf and Emmanuelle Huynh-Jocelyn Cottencin.

For Jazz & New Music program, get to know more about Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Quatuor Diotima, Pascale Criton, OZMAEnsemble Intercontemporain and Raphaël Pannier.

And stay tuned to discover more talents! 

Should you have any question on these artists and their projects, mail to:

Theater and Dance projects: nicole.birmann-bloom@frenchculture.org                                                 Music projects: dylan.hadida@frenchculture.org