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Jan 28
2021 Night of Ideas in Houston Online at nightofideas.org
Jan 28
Cross-Border Dialogue USA-Mexico Online at nightofideas.org
Jan 28
Night of Ideas 2021 Online at nightofideas.org

Go against EXPectations! EXP___: EXPberlin, EXPdetroit, EXPpaca

Together with Your Mom’s Agency and the Goethe-Institut Chicago, we created a fully digital exposure and collaboration platform for experimental music of all genres from Berlin, Detroit, and the Région PACA to keep artists connected.

EXP__ stands for EXPerimental and EXPonential: musicians and technologists were invited to EXPeriment musically and let their creativity EXPlode freely. The EXPerimentation level combined with the potential collabs with other EXPmembers proved to be EXPonential…
Check out the recap’ video below to get an overview of participating artists in order of appearance:
RENU feat. Almevan & Oras Elone, Kesswa & Infinite Livez Live, Alliance Ordinaire, Voov, Grinderteeth, Portrait XO, Vanessa Reynolds, Taj Bell, Tammy Lakkis, Xanah, Sean Tate & Aconite, Hala Ghatasheh, Hyenaz & Jova Lynne, Tiffadelic & 6zm, and many more on the EXP__ group.