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Artists "Made in France" Nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards!

From left to right: Tinariwen; Woodkid; Grégoire Maret, Romain Collin & Bill Frisell; Gregory Porter; Madeon; Clément Mao-Takacs and Kaija Saariaho; and, Alexandre Desplat

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast on CBS and live-streamed on Grammy.com on Sunday, March 14, 2021. To keep us on the edges of our seats, the Recording Academy revealed the list of nominees on November 24th. This list includes 7 French artists or artists produced in France in 7 different categories! 

Category: Best Dance/Electronic Album 
Artist: Madeon with the album Good Faith (Hugo Leclercq/license Columbia Records | SME, USA)

Hugo Leclercq, also known as Madeon, released his second album Good Faith as a perfect blend of dance music and pop with some new gospel touches. “Dream Dream Dream” features choir vocals, ”Shelter” and “Home” combine his own vocals with sound effects, and "Be Fine" shows the artists talent through its beautiful lyrics. The album also showcases an amazing Brasstrack with "Hold Me Just Because". This album illustrates the musical maturity of such a young artist, already celebrated for his abilities as an audacious producer.

Category: Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Artists: Grégoire Maret, Romain Collin & Bill Frisell with the album Americana (Act, DE)

Harmonica player and composer Grégoire Maret recorded Americana along with pianist and composer Romain Collin and the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell. Americana is like a story told from the point of view of a Swiss-native and a Frenchman now based in New York, embracing the folk music of America while producing a delicate and authentic mix of instrumental melodies that take you on a daydream-like journey.

Category: Best R&B Album
Artist: Gregory Porter with the album All Rise (Gregory Porter/licence Decca Records France)

Gregory Porter, the world’s best-selling contemporary Jazz/Soul artist with over 3 million worldwide album sales returned with All Rise, his sixth studio album. The singer illustrates the details of quotidian life with a mix of contemporary jazz, soul, blues and gospel, full of emotion and finesses. Porter makes apt use of "his longtime loyal bandmates, a handpicked horn section, a 10-member choir, and the London Symphony Orchestra Strings" (Blue Note) to unveil an intimate and humble album with tracks such as "Modern Day Apprentice", "Long List of Troubles" and "If Love is Overrated" among others.

Category: Best Global Music Album
Artist: Tinariwen with the album Amadjar (Wedge/licence [PIAS])

This ninth album from the group from Tinariwen plunges the public into a nomadic universe between the Moroccan Sahara and Mauritania. The album is considered a cornerstone of the 9 musicians' careers. Including a plethora of collaborations with personalities such as Warren Ellis of the group Bad Seeds, the guitarist Cass McCombs, and the violinist Mhadjar Yassouf Idjan, the strength of the project lies in the skillful connection between the youngest members and the oldest members of Tinawiren, namely the polyrhythms of percussionist Said Ag Ayad with bassist Eyadou Ag Leche, the joyful choruses of all the members and, above all, the performance of founding singer Ibrahim Ag Alhabib that links each composition together.

Category: Best Instrumental Composition
Artist: Alexandre Desplat with "Plumfield" (Sony Classical, USA)

For the soundtrack of "Little Women", the seventh adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's famous novel (Les Filles du Docteur March), director Greta Gerwig called on French composer Alexandre Desplat. Tinged with romanticism, Desplat uses elegant waltz-like rhythms, tastefully rendered orchestrations that convey warm and welcoming emotions. The score "Plumfield" was particularly noticed by the critics and is now a Grammy Award winner.

Category: Best Classical Compendium
Artist: Clément Mao-Takacs and Kaija Saariaho for Graal Théâtre – Circle Map – Neiges – Vers Toi qui es si loin (BIS Records, Scandinavia)

Many of Kaija Saariaho's works are named after natural phenomena that serve as a starting point for her compositional process. Like many of Kaija Saariaho's works, "Neiges" is inspired by various qualities of snow and explores instrumental languages. As part of the presentation of the album Saariaho: Graal Theatre, Circle Map, Neiges & Vers toi qui es si loin / Mao-Takacs, "Neiges" was taken up by the cellists of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in 2019. Another source of inspiration for the album is the medieval literature that inspired the starting point for Saariaho's first concert "Graal Theater" and then for "Vers toi qui es si loin". The latter is a transcription made for the violinist Peter Herresthal for the opera Love from afar. These two works also frame the presentation of The Circle Map, including six poems by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi. All of the works are conducted by French conductor Clément Mao-Takacs, who has collaborated extensively with Kaija Saariaho and has conducted her music throughout Europe and the United States.

Category: Best Music Video
Artist: Woodkid (Junzi Arts) for the music video of "Goliath", by Yoann Lemoine and produced by Iconoclast

Released on April 24, 2020, Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid unveils the music video for the single "Goliath" from his new album S16. Already involved in the realization of several notable music videos such as "Born to Die" by Lana del Rey and "Sign Of The Times" by Harry Styles, this time he brings his talent for video direction to "Goliath." This clip features an oil refinery worker who realizes that by participating in the oil industry, and therefore in the perpetuation of climate change, he is a part of something monstrous. The message is clear but full of poetry, as is the musical style that Woodkid has perfected.