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Interview with Møme and Ricky Ducati for the Release of Flashback FM

From Left to Right : Møme and Ricky Ducati, © Alex Brisa.

On the occasion of the release of their collaborative album Flashback FM on February 12th, we asked the French DJ, Møme and the Canadian and Los Angeles-based singer Ricky Ducati to tell us more about their collaboration.


French Cultural Services: You met each other in 2016 in Paris while Møme covered "Alive" by Midnight to Monaco for a TV show featuring Ricky Ducati on the microphone. Ricky Ducati, you later made an appearance on Møme’s singles “Sail away” and “Alive.” What made you want to revisit your collaboration? 

Møme: We really loved working together. It was pretty easy to make these songs, we don't need to talk too much to understand each other and Ricky's voice has always inspired me! So for me it was only natural to work on more music together. Since first working together, I've visited him in LA often and he's also visited me in Paris, or in the South of France where I live. We shared a lot of demos, then decided to make a full album. Not only do we have this music connection but we also became friends!
French Cultural Services:
Your new album, Flashback FM comes out in the beginning of 2021, after the release of the singles “They Said,” “Got It Made”, "Moves" and, most recently “I Know.” How have you managed to create this album, separated as you are on both sides of the Atlantic? 

Møme : The music was pretty easy to make. I asked if he had melodies to send, top-lines for example and I started composing from there. And sometimes, it was the opposite process (I would send over music & he would write vocal melodies on top of that). We had similar influences and apart from working on tracks, we also had a lot of conversations about the genre and overall direction we wanted for this album.

It was more complicated to make music videos and content in general because of the pandemic and the travel ban, so we decided to make 100% digital content. We came up with the 3D robots for the "Got It Made" official video. Then, we loved the two characters and wanted to humanize them more. When we were working on "I Know", the idea of 3D-modeling our bodies came up. You can see the characters from the "Got It Made" video evolve in the next video "I Know." It was definitely a bit frustrating composing a full album with Ricky without seeing each other for over a year. So we wanted our visuals to reflect this feeling of separation that we were experiencing.

French Cultural Services: You both come from different musical backgrounds. Møme, you studied classical music before becoming a passionate artisan of French electronic dance music. As for you Ricky Ducati, you are a Canadian pop singer based in Los Angeles. How have you been successful in combining your two musical universes and artistic sensibilities in one album?  

Ricky: I don’t think we put too much thought into our backgrounds when we began writing together, it was more about our commonalities and direction of the album. Our differences help shape our brand of sound and is what sets us apart from others.

French Cultural Services: Due to the current pandemic, we know that it is difficult to perform in concert halls or to participate in festivals, will you take advantage of virtual performance possibilities to present Flashback FM?  Do you envision touring together eventually?

Ricky: From the beginning of the project we had already made plans to perform, so an eventual tour is always on our mind. We’ve been able perform remotely as seen from some of our videos and will continue to find interesting ways to present our album. I believe the world is forever changed so it’s important for any live performer to develop new ways of participating and presenting their work.

Møme and Ricky Ducati have released their collaborative album “Flashback FM”, unveiling the full 15 track LP that blends sonic influences of the 70s and 80s with forward-thinking electronic production. After the release of 4 singles (Got It MadeThey SaidMoves and I Know), the collaborative album is out in full today across all streaming platforms. Drawing on a myriad of influences from disco, soul, RnB and pop, “Flashback FM” is a homage to the past, a glorious kaleidoscopic trip back in time through the halcyon musical lineage of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

Listen to their album below:


About Møme

Under the name of Møme, French touch and chillwave artist Jérémy Souillart emerged in 2014 with Eclipse. From Nice, Souillart studied at the Nice Academy of Music, playing guitar and piano first in rock bands before segueing into more electronic-based composition. He signed with Parisian label DDM Recordings and released a follow-up EP called Cosmopolitan a year later, further expanding his bright, dreamy style. Relocating to Australia, Souillart outfitted his surf van to double as a roving recording studio, where he recorded the appropriately sunny Aloha EP in 2016. His debut full-length, Panorama, arrived later that year, drawing comparisons to artists like Flume and Chet Faker. Inspired by his world travels, Møme launched an audio-visual series in 2018 beginning with the two-song single Møment I.

About Ricky Ducati

Based in Los Angeles, Ricky Ducati is a Canadian vocalist and music producer. He made his debut album with the group Midnight to Monaco created in 2015, alongside American producer Donnie Sloan. He became famous as the voice of the group, whose singles caught the eyes of the Billboard like The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland, Vice. After several placements with various artists, he met Møme with whom he co-wrote several singles in 2018, including Sail Away and Alive. After the publication of "They Said", a single tinged with nostalgic references to the 70s and 80s in 2021, he co-signs Flashback FM alongside the French DJ.