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New French Pop, Electro and Rap Music Albums in April

If you are curious about new releases in electronic, pop or rap music, discover our selection for April!


Tako Tsubo by L'impératrice

Broken heart syndrome is no fictional disorder. The phenomenon has a name: Tako Tsubo (or "octopus trap" in Japanese). It's an upheaval of the senses, an emotional burnout. L'Impératrice has certainly kept their taste for dance, groove on a virtuoso bass, vintage synths and glittery melodies. From the United States to Mexico, L'Impératrice has been exporting for three years a music of letting go, between funk, pop and neo-disco. For Tako Tsubo, L'Impératrice has again teamed up with Renaud Letang (Jarvis Cocker, Liane La Havas, Feist) and Neal Pogue (Outkast, Stevie Wonder, Tyler the Creator) adding his mastery to the mixing. An album in direct contact with their influences and their emotions.

Rone & Friends by Rone

The self-taught French DJ Erwan Castex, better known as Rone, returns with a reflective and celestial album, conceived with his band of friends and fetish artists. Rone and Friends has the musical color of Rone’s friendships, of his crushes for a few additional, and less expected guest voices, but also inevitably of his own personality. In the strange year 2020 where borders and concert venues have closed, Rone came closer to his artist friends and reshuffled his creations with their voices as the new beating heart. The new collaborative album includes voices by Georgia, Yael Naim, Casper Clausen (Efterklang), Flavien Berger, Jenny Beth, Dominique A and many others.



After a year 2020 which saw him explode for good in the eyes of the general public, the rapper from Marseille SCH released Friday a new album, the second volume of his project JVLIVS. In less than five years, he has become one of the biggest names in French rap. SCH was on March 20, the day after the release of the album, the 2nd most listened to artist in the world on Spotify, with 11.7 million streams in 24 hours.

Romance by Jäde

The Soundcloud adventurers have known her for longer, but the general public met Jäde last year through her EP Première Fois with which she surprised her community with an already very assertive artistic direction. Jäde's artistic touch resides in her vocal timbre and writing, even more than in production. She contrasts the comfort of her angelic voice with intimate lyrics, dealing with desire, the disillusionment it can lead to, and love that is sometimes devastating.


Paradigmes by La Femme

La Femme has invigorated French pop over the last decade, and in 2021, Paradigmes, their much-awaited third album, offers a shift in how we see the world, a kaleidoscopic vortex to a different, more vibrant dimension. After Psycho Tropical Berlin in 2013 and Mystère in 2016 which both reached Gold records in France and got them to play hundreds of shows around the world, the Paris-based, Biarritz band continue to dazzle listeners with their new record. Within this album of beautifully-curated electropop you will hear everything from coldwave to yéyé, Kraftwerk to the Velvet Underground, all distilled, sequenced, and psychedelic so that it sounds uniquely La Femme. 

A tous les bâtards by Eddy de Pretto

Almost four years after his first successes, Eddy de Pretto returns with compositions as lyrical and fiery as ever. More turned towards the others, this album is addressed, as its name indicates it, To all the bastards, all those which are judged different, do not fit perfectly within the standards of society. Eddy de Pretto has surrounded himself with several renowned professionals, including Tanguy Destable, alias Tepr, a producer who has notably collaborated with Yelle and more recently Woodkid. Together, they designed a rounder sound. Even behind a more colorful, sunnier, more open album, the words they put down on paper have the same ambition: "to make people think, to shake up, to raise awareness".