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New French Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Music Albums to Discover in June!

For the end of spring, enjoy fresh French music with our selection of jazz, classical and contemporary album releases!


Enjoy by Sophie Alour 

Following her album Joy, released in February 2020, Sophie Alour now invites us on a world tour with Enjoy. In this album, the East still rules the party but invites Ireland to the dance floor. Alour's composition is the promise of an elsewhere with multiple accents. The Celtic origin is strengthened by the presence of Franco-Irish violinist Fiona Monbet, worthy ambassador of the land of heather moors, whose lyrical bow tints the repertoire with new reflections. Vocalist Raphaëlle Brochet, who was featured in a Leon Parker concert, carries us even further, to the farthest reaches of Asia. The album echoes her time studying Carnatic chant with Indian masters, from which she drew a dark and bewitching inspiration. Ersoj Kazimov, whose name conceals his Macedonian origins and who seems to have always been on a journey, adds a rhythm to this odyssey that sometimes gets lost in Eastern Europe. Jazz remains the master of the dance but is adorned with saffron and emerald, escaping its own definition. It is in a musical ecumenism that Sophie Alour wants to believe, against all odds, and in which she joyfully invites us to participate.

Rio by Florian Pellissier 

Florian Pellissier has been a key player on the French Jazz Groove scene for many years, either performing solo or with the bands Guts and Setenta. He is an adventurer, and it is with his Quintet (Yoann Loustalot, Christophe Panzani, Yoni Zelnik, David Georgelet), which is now releasing its 5th album, that he prefers to travel. For this album, they made a pilgrimage to Rudy Van Gelder's studio in New Jersey, a sacred place of jazz where most of the Blue Note, Verve, Impulse and Prestige albums were recorded. They planned to invoke voodoo, but nothing went as planned. Florian Plissier explains: "This record that I dreamed of being raw, that I visualized as dirty, rich and spiritual, in fact collided with the reality of the moment. The energy, the dynamics of the group were not, at that moment, those. Something was resisting. In a blatant way, the sessions saw new tracks emerging, bathed in a diffuse and welcoming light. Instead of fighting, we turned the compass towards the calmer latitudes of Capricorn and Cancer, taking the quintet for tropical strolls in the quietude of a mythical studio."

Contemporary Music: 

Metamorphosis by Celia Oneto Bensaid

On May 7, the NoMadMusic album Metamorphosis by Celia Oneto Bensaid – a young up-and-coming pianist – was released. Its program juxtaposes Philip Glass’s five “Métamorphoses” and Maurice Ravel’s five “Miroirs”. “Number 1," composed by Camille Pépin as a tribute to Jackson Pollock, concludes this album and acts as a nod to Glass as well as to American minimalists, who are a great source of inspiration for the young composer. This album flirts with the frontiers of an hypnotic trance, and it takes us far into its own kind of neverland.

Pulse by Vincent David

Vincent David is one of the most celebrated performers and defenders of the contemporary repertoire. His first monographic CD, Pulse, has just been released on the Klarthe label. It is based on his compositions and revolves around his universe. From sonata and solo to a mixed quartet with drums, double bass, piano and saxophone, this program will make you rediscover the melodic and rhythmic capacities of Adolphe Sax's original creation.

Classical Music

Poems by Trio Arcadis and Fanny Ardant 

In this new album, Trio Arcadis explores the music of Vienna around 1900 through the emblematic works of that time. The program includes transcriptions of two songs by Brahms, Zemlinsky's first trio, and Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht, originally a sextet, in a version for piano, violin and cello. The music is interspersed with poetry - the texts of the lieder, the poem that inspired Verklärte Nacht - spoken by the inimitable voice of the actress Fanny Ardant.

Melancholy Grace by Jean Rondeau

With his new album Melancholy Grace, the harpsichordist Jean Rondeau takes us on a poetic and melancholy journey in the company of the great Italian, English, German and Dutch composers of the 16th and 17th centuries (Frescobaldi, Bull, etc.). Rondeau recorded this superb program on two instruments: a large Italian harpsichord made by Philippe Humeau in 2007, after an anonymous model from the beginning of the 18th century, and an arpicordo or virginal, from Florence, made around 1575 by an unknown maker, who is thought to be Francesco Poggi.