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All Roads Lead to Rone

Rone © Flavien Prioreau

At the recent 74th Cannes Film Festival, Rone – otherwise known as Erwan Castex, a widely acclaimed French musician on the electronic scene – received the Cannes Soundtrack Award for best original music for the new film Paris, 13th District (Les Olympiades), directed by renown French filmmaker Jacques Audiard. The artist won the award tied with Sparks for the music of the film Annette. 

The film is an adaptation of the graphic novel Killing and Dying (français : Les Intrus) by american cartoonist Adrian Tomine, known for his work in The New Yorker magazine. Written for the screen by Léa Mysius and Céline Sciamma, the black and white film can be defined as “a journey through the 13th arrondissement of Paris but also a geographical, cultural, social and generational journey,” said Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival.  

But what is most striking is the way that the story, centered on three girls and one boy who redefine modern love, is picked up and carried by the music. Layers of sound and syncopated rhythms, sometimes interrupted in a dry way, meet the wanderings of four young people for whom sex sometimes precedes love. The soundscape gives this 2021 version of Ma nuit chez Maud a considerable extra dose of feeling. 

This is not the first prize awarded to Rone. In fact, he already distinguished himself earlier this year by winning the César Award for Best original score for La nuit venue, directed by Frédéric Farrucci.  

Putting some of his own soul into electro, Rone demonstrates his knack for transcending artistic boundaries and creating coherence through music. In an interview for French Culture, he explained this need for multidisciplinarity: “Collaborations are essential in my creative process. I feel the need to share, meet and collaborate with other creative minds. It's the right balance. Collaborations allow me to give it more meaning and to convey a message.” 

We should mention in particular his brilliant collaboration with (LA)HORDE and the twenty dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille, which you can read about in our article HERE.  



When Erwan Castex’s career began, he was studying to become a filmmaker. Music changed Rone’s life but not his passion for images. His first album was built around a music video “Spanish Breakfast,” directed by his friend Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka. Since then, each album reveals its batch of music videos often made by a young generation of passionate and audacious directors. Castex has an eager appetite for animation, as demonstrated by the music videos for “Bye Bye Macadam” by Dimitri Stankowicz   (40 million views on Youtube), “Origami” and “Mirapolis.” He also likes to venture to the frontiers of reality and science fiction (“Parade,” “Down for the Cause”), urban tourism (“So So So“, “Acid Reflux“, “Quitter La Ville“ EN-Leaving the City) and offbeat buildings (“Let’s Go“), while not forgetting to question technology at every turn (“OO“, “Wave“).  His films have been awarded numerous prizes and have received millions of views worldwide.

On his latest album Room with A View, the artist questions the future of our societies. He invites us to rethink consumer society in «Ginkgo Biloba», our interactions with others in “Nouveau Monde,”  and immerses us into a futuristic space odyssey within the walls of a renaissance castle in “Human.”