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Apache and Make Music Day

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Hi this is the French DJ Apache and I’m gonna tell you about my experience at Make Music Day.

Make music day for me is where it all started. It’s when I decided that I wanted to become a musician. At that time I was making music with a friend, another DJ. There was a healthy emulation between us, Daft Punk style I would say, and we took part in Make Music Day, “la fête de la musique”, in Paris together.

"What I like about Make Music Day is that it’s very improvised"

It’s still a vivid image for me, it was the 21st of June, next to the Pantheon, on the square under the Saint Etienne du Mont Church. We were playing with musicians from the Conservatory of Music in Versailles. They usually played in a brass band, they were very jazzy and swing musicians. But this night we all came together, live musicians and DJs to create some electro jazz with a great beat. What I like about Make Music Day is that it’s very improvised: you borrow speakers from one friend, the guitarist brings a mixing board, and you’re all set! I also love the energy of the audience on this day; it is so special because everyone is open to listening to new things.

At the time we made what we called “Blhouse music”, blues and house, but I was still searching for my own signature style. I made music in Lyon, moved to other places around the world and met new people, and finally decided to settle down in Miami. Here my style evolved, I was very influenced by music from Latin America, Africa. Now I’m more into Afro House and Deep House.

It all started at Make Music Day, and here we are again 16 years later. So expect a set full of colors, a sort of retrospective of all my influences at this year music festival at the North Beach Bandshell.

Concert info:
date: June 21st
location: North Beach Bandshell, 7275 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach 33141
Opening hour: 6pm

If you want more information about Inez's concert and the 2018 edition of Make Music Miami, check the website makemusicmiami.org or check our Facebook event.

This event is made possible with the generous support of the City of Miami Beach, Cultural Affairs Program, Cultural Arts Council, the National Hotel and the Knight Foundation.

Music by
Artist: Apache
Title: Afropolitan House WMC Session @The Deck at Island Gardens Miami

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