2023-2024 TAPIF Photo Contest Winners

2023-2024 TAPIF Photo Contest Winners

It should come as no surprise that the 2023-2024 TAPIF photo contest winners display a will to explore the farthest extremes of France, from the windblown peaks of the Alps to towering feats of architecture on France’s west coast to the tranquil simmer of southern beaches.

TAPIF teaching assistants routinely pursue out-of-the-ordinary experiences — it’s part of what motivates them to part with their American lives to teach in an unfamiliar country. This year’s cohort has submitted over 300 photos which exemplify their move toward adventure and community, with the results being nothing short of extraordinary.

Submissions were divided into three categories, each reflecting an essential aspect of the TAPIF experience: photos showing off the assistants’ schools, individual or group photos highlighting the assistants’ daily lives, and scenery photos displaying the surrounding nature or cities., We are delighted to share the first, second, and third place winners for each category, as well as our three overall winners from among the categories.

Scenery Winners:

Halle Long clinched first place in the scenery category with a stunning shot of two statues — part of the Monument aux Héros et Victimes de la Mer — reaching longingly toward a low-hanging moon in Marseille. 

In our second-place photo, Jane Shallcross transports viewers to the bank of the Garonne river where, framed by tree leaves turned golden in the sun, onlookers admire the reflection of Toulouse’s centre ville. 

Third place goes to two eye-catching nature photos: Syril Pante’s capturing of post-sunset stillness along the southern coast, and Erin Magill’s snowy snapshot of an imposing Alpine peak.

Individual/group Winners:

In first place, Sharon Nah captured a brilliant shot of a brightly-accessorized teaching assistant framed by the mountains around Lake Annecy. 

Steven Jones’ nostalgic photo of three cliffside friends in black and white awarded him with second place. 

Third place went to Malaena Caldwell for her dramatic individual photo with Mont-Saint-Michel rising in the background. 


School Winners:

Emily Thornton won first place for a beautifully composed view of a school hallway that seems to stretch on forever. 

Second place went to Stephanie Wagner, who delighted us with her photo of a warmly sunlit hall. 

In third place, Gabby Dangay gives us a peek into a cozy classroom around Christmastime.

Overall Winners:

Sharon Nah’s glimpse of Lake Annecy takes the cake, winning her first place overall.  


Halle Long’s evocative shot of a Marseille monument places her in second overall. 

Jane Shallcross’ Toulouse riverbank photo secures her a spot in third place overall.  

We give a hearty congratulations to all winners and hope that these photos inspire you to do something extraordinary along with the 2023-2024 TAPIF cohort!  


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