BELC États-Unis 2024

BELC États-Unis 2024

From July 10 to 14, 2024, the inaugural professional development training program BELC États-Unis will be hosted at San Diego State University (SDSU), welcoming French language professionals and educators from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

About the BELC

The BELC (Bureau d’études des langues et des cultures) trainings, conducted by France Education International (FEI), boast a storied tradition of excellence among professionals in the realm of teaching French as a foreign language.

These training courses empower educators to refine their pedagogical approaches and acquire new expertise, fostering both formal instruction and informal dialogue.

With a wide range of courses covering the teaching, evaluation, training, and management of the French teaching profession, the BELC addresses the professional, disciplinary, and methodological developments in the domain of French as a foreign language.

Regularly held in France during the summer and winter, and globally since 2012, the Embassy of France in the United States is honored to host the BELC Régional with the goal of developing professional practices and supporting dynamic career projects for teachers of French.

Organized by the Embassy of France in the United States, in partnership with the Embassy of France in Canada and the Institut français du Mexique, the BELC États-Unis 2024 is an intensive one-week training course open to all teachers of French in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The BELC États-Unis 2024 will give the opportunity to all participants to attend 30 hours of training to develop and strengthen their language teaching through selected workshops in French.

The available modules will cover several key areas, including classes for children or adolescents, pedagogical engineering, teaching methodologies as well as addressing the challenges and opportunities of teaching French as a heritage language.

Please note that this professional development training is designed for all teachers of French World Language and Dual Language Immersion Programs, working in both primary and secondary levels, as well as at the university level.

This includes teachers in Alliance Française/Institut Français and FLAM Associations.


This event is organized in partnership with France Education International (FEI)


The proposed program allows each participant to choose one track comprising of 30 hours of training over five days, consisting of two 15-hour modules (A+B) to be selected from the following options:


Modules :  first part of the week (Module A – 15 hours): July 10-12 

1A – Favoriser le développement des compétences à travers le jeu – (French World Language/FLE)

2A – Animer des activités motivantes pour favoriser l’acquisition de savoirs disciplinaires – (Dual Language – Immersion Programs)

3A – Sélectionner des supports visuels pour optimiser l’apprentissage du français


Modules :  Second part of the week (Module B – 15 hours): July 12-14 

1B – Animer des activités motivantes pour favoriser l’acquisition d’outils langagiers à l’oral – (French World Language/FLE)

2B – Adopter une approche intégrée pour articuler DNL et langue – (Dual Language – Immersion Programs)

3B – Enseigner le français comme langue d’héritage


At the conclusion of the BELC États-Unis 2024, each participant receives a certificate by France Education International and recognized by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education and Youth. 

Requirements and Timeline

Applications for BELC États-Unis 2024 can be completed online in several steps.

Participants have the flexibility to pause the registration process at any point and/or make modifications to their registration file as long as it has not yet been submitted to France Education International.

All applicants MUST include the following documents:

Registration procedure

Practical information

Fiche projet professionnel/ Cover Letter

Modèle de CV



Application Deadline : May 15, 2024


For any questions regarding the application process, visit the BELC États-Unis 2024 or contact :

Yoël KIDANE – Educational Affairs Program Officer | FLE Programs


In the pursuit of professional growth for teachers, we are grateful to the invaluable support of the Institut français as well as San Diego State University, Embassy of France in Canada, and the Institut français du Mexique.