En route pour les jeux olympiques

En route pour les jeux olympiques

Explore a series of educational activities celebrating the unifying values of Olympism through French education.

As we look forward to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and the 2028 games in Los Angeles, the Embassy of France and the French Language Fund of Institut Français welcome public and private schools, alongside Alliances françaises, to discover enriching educational and cultural programs throughout 2023 and 2024.

Contest winners will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in virtual tours of the National Museum of Sport in Nice, take preferred courses in a range of topics including,  gender discrimination and diversity; sport and sustainable development; and sports, health, nutrition, and well-being.

We believe that through sports and the promotion of the Olympic spirit, the French language can help spread important messages to the contemporary American public, including about gender equality, the fight against discrimination, sustainable development, and climate change.

A better understanding of the history and culture of Olympism can also contribute to the influence of our language in a country that values sports so highly. To this end, our project will focus on developing activities that teachers, educators, and students can actively take part in.

Learn more by visiting FrenchDLI – Teaching Resources

Film Screenings

Starting in April, all schools and Alliances françaises are encouraged to utilize audiovisual resources in order to arrange film screenings for young French learners across the United States, regardless of whether they are bilingual or learning French as a foreign language. Learn more below about the featured films Athleticus and Ex Æquo and the process to acquire access codes.


Athleticus (DNL/ Bilingual Programs)

Synopsis: The creatures of Athleticus display their distinct personalities and unique anatomical features as they engage in a variety of sports, including table tennis, fixed bar, bobsleigh, curling, skateboarding, breakdancing, diving, and synchronized swimming. This results in amusing or poetic scenarios, consistently filled with eccentricity. The following animated film is made possible thanks to a partnership between the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Institut français Cinéma.

Learn more on how to access pedagogical lesson plans and the first two seasons of the series by visiting FrenchDLI – Teaching Resources.


Ex Æquo (World Language Programs)

Synopsis: Experience ten episodes that present compelling narratives of professional athletes challenging discrimination rooted in factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. These stories bring to the forefront the voices of individuals asserting their right to be treated equally and stand on the podium without any  hierarchical distinctions. The web series Ex Æquo about inclusion and equality in the world of sports is the result of a cooperation with IF Digital. The ten episodes present different Olympic and Paralympic figures.  Discover their journey and their fight against discrimination based on race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. Completing this online form here to access the series.



Pedagogical Trainings and Lesson Plans

As part of the series of educational activities that celebrate the unifying values of Olympism through French language education, we plan to offer a wide range of pedagogical trainings and lesson plans in collaboration with our partners, including the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), CAILAM – Alliance française, Center for Media and Information Education (CLEMI), and Learning Vibes.


French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF)

The French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) offers pedagogical training on Olympism to teachers of bilingual schools. The training, delivered in French, will take place virtually on May 6, 2023. The objective is to offer new pedagogical resources to teachers by allowing them to teach French to their students through the themes of sports and the Olympic Games.

Discover further educational CNOSF resources by visiting the FrenchDLI – Teaching Resources.


CAVILAM – Alliance française

On the occasion of the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games to be hosted in France, the CAVILAM – Alliance Française is proud to present its brand-new educational resources, the Olymp’kit” Pedagogical Kit designed for this global-scale event.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the French language, Francophonie, and sports, all united around the values of Olympism. Discover sports disciplines and athletes, both men and women, who push their limits to qualify for the Games and achieve excellence in competition. View lesson plans on the theme of the Olympic Games and bilingual or multi-lingual interdisciplinary projects.

At the heart of this Pedagogical Kit, athletes from various national backgrounds, including Paralympic disciplines, embody the spirit of commitment, self-transcendence, and respect for rules and opponents in the context of competition.

This kit is designed for a wide audience within an educational context, particularly for French world, language, or dual language educators, learners, and teachers seeking to integrate it into their teaching methodology.

The webinar will showcase the different resources offered by Olymp’kit for an engaging journey, where language, culture, and sports come together to celebrate the Olympic spirit and the richness of Francophone diversity.

Please complete the online form here to register and receive the webinar link.

Save the date: Saturday, September 30, at 11:00am EST

Centre for Media and Information Education (CLEMI)

In partnership with CLEMI,  we host a series of webinars, which aim to delve into the realm of journalism and offer creative activities designed for French language learners, all centered around the dynamic field of sports journalism. During each session, our expert speakers will share their insights and engage participants in interactive activities designed to reinforce the knowledge gained.

For each theme, a sports journalist will provide his or her expertise. The workshop will unfold in two distinct sessions, each dedicated to exploringinterview sportive and commentaire sportif. 

These webinars are offered in partnership with Radio France and France Télévisions.

With the participation of journalist Olivier Pheulpin (RMC, ex l’Equipe).

French teachers of all levels are welcome. At the end of the webinar series, students will be able to put their new skills to the test by commenting on a Paris 2024 Olympic event. Please complete the online form here to register and receive the webinar link.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, December 2 and 9, at 11am ET


Learning Vibes (Digital and Video Learning) 

In anticipation of our upcoming “Draw Your Logo!” contest, we’re partnering with Learning Vibes to provide French teachers with a comprehensive pedagogical sequence. This sequence will include pedagogical worksheets and technical guidance to help teachers effectively support their students in the creation of a logo that embodies the values of Olympism.

With this valuable support, teachers will have the tools they need to guide their students through the logo design process, helping them to unleash their creativity while staying true to the fundamental principles of Olympism.

Discover pedagogical lesson plans designed for both teachers and learners by visiting the FrenchDLI – Teaching Resources.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage your students in a fun and educational design contest such as the Logo Drawing Contest.


Les Petits Penseurs Workshops

Creation of three new introductory philosophy workbooks for children, focusing on sports and the values of Olympism.

These workbooks will be based on a selection of children’s literature available on Culturethèque.

This activity will be open to French-speaking and FLE/immersion children between ages 6 and 12. Dive into the following themes:



School Contests

To kick off this back to school season, la rentrée, a series of contests invites students and French learners to immerse themselves in a vibrant educational journey that delves deeper into the realm of Olympism.

Alongside our valued partners, we have organized three contests, each complemented by enriching pedagogical resources.

Learn how your school and students can actively participate.


A la une : Sports Headline Contest

On the occasion of the upcoming 2024 Rugby World Cup to be hosted in France, we are inviting all students across the United States to embark on a creative journey by participating in a design contest where you will have the chance to design a captivating font-page template. Participants are invited to select a sports photo and craft a compelling title, mirroring the distinctive style of L’Equipe, the renowned French sports newspaper.

To support and inspire participants, we invite all educators to utilize the accompanying workbook, which offers front-page templates from well-known sports publications like CLEMI and CNOSF.

This contest provides an opportunity for creative expression and the exploration of sports journalism. Upon completing the following form here, beginning September 8, in celebration of the 2023 Rugby World Cup opening ceremony, teachers will receive, via email, access to the workbook.

Find a preview of the workbook here.

All submissions must be made to the following email address: jeuxconcours@frenchculture.org


Logo Drawing Contest

Starting November, in collaboration with  Learning Vibes, we will invite all bilingual and French learners across the United States (elementary, middle, and high school) to partake in a logo drawing contest.

In light of the Paris Olympic Games, the participants will be invited to propose an original logo for the Olympic or Paralympic discipline of their choice.

Visit FrenchDLI – Teaching Resources to learn how your students can participate in this exciting contest.


The Olympic Dictation: Dictée des Francophones

On the occasion of National French Week (November, 1-8), the Embassy of France in the United States, in association with the American Association of Teachers of French and the Quebec Delegation in Los Angeles, is proud to launch its third edition of the Dictée des Francophones, a celebration of the Francophonie for all French learners in North America. This year and as the 2024  Paris Olympic Games are approaching, the event will celebrate the diversity of the French language throughout the French-speaking world by putting sports in the spotlight. 

The dictation texts will cover three levels: A1, B1, B2, and be accompanied by educational sheets for teachers and students, to help prepare for the exercise and highlight the different French lexicons. Registration will open at the beginning of October and will be accessible here.

After selecting appropriate level(s), the materials (texts, recordings, educational sheets) will be sent out during the last week of October.

If your registration follows this date, you will receive the material at the end of the week corresponding to your registration.

Now it’s your turn to start with the Dictéeamusez-vous bien et lâchez pas la patate. 


We are grateful to our generous partners for their individual contributions to this collaboration. We would like to express our gratitude to the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), the National Museum of Sports (Nice), Institut Francais, CAVILAM – Alliance français, CLEMI, and Learning Vibes.