Fifteen Franco-American Research Teams Selected for the Transatlantic Research Partnership Grant

Fifteen Franco-American Research Teams Selected for the Transatlantic Research Partnership Grant

Announcing the 2023 laureates of the Transatlantic Research Partnership grant.

The Transatlantic Research Partnership Selection Committee selected fifteen teams to receive a $20,000 grant to pursue a research project over two years. Each team is led by two researchers at the beginning of their career, one based in France and one based in the United States, and also includes post-doctoral fellows, PhD and Master’s students. 

Projects were selected for their scientific quality, their involvement of young researchers, and their relevance to the theme of the call for applications: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Transatlantic Research Partnership is proud to support the following projects:  

Confronting Ethno-racial Discrimination in Agricultural Work: A French-American Research Collaboration 

Discipline: Geography 

Partner Institutions: The New School / INRAE 

Laureates: Kristin Reynolds / Coline Perrin 


Informing Wildlife Conservation with a More-than-Human Geography Perspective 

Discipline: Geography 

Partner Institutions: Boston University / CNRS, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle  

Laureates: Anne Short Gianotti / Meredith Root-Bernstein 


A framework for improving health literacy (meCare): meeting interests and a level of understanding of individuals in health information 

Disciplines: Computer Science / Information – Linguistics  

Partner Institutions: Towson University / Université de Lille 

Laureates: Jinie Pak / Amel Fraisse  


On the Environmental Anthropogenic Metabolism of Urban Settlement 

Disciplines: Environmental Sciences – Design  

Partner Institutions: Harvard University / Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture 

Laureates: Yun Fu / Claire Doussard  


Fair Housing Policies in Global Cities 

Disciplines: Environmental Sciences – Political Science 

Partner Institutions: University of California at Los Angeles / Université Paris Cité  

Laureates: Paavo Monkkonen / Magda Maaoui 


Artificial Intelligence Guided Materials Design for Clean Energy 

Discipline: Engineering  

Partner Institutions: University at Buffalo / Université de Bourgogne 

Laureates: Fei Yao / Stéphanie Bricq 


Managing human microbial communities for reducing reproductive impacts of endocrine disruptors 

Discipline: Health 

Partner Institutions: University of Arizona / INRAE 

Laureates: Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz / Zehra Esra Ilhan 


Linking soil properties, geomorphology, and aquatic chemistry in rapidly changing permafrost environments 

Discipline: Environmental Science 

Partner Institutions: University of Minnesota / Université Paris Saclay  

Laureates: Nicolas Jelinski / Antoine Séjourné 


Quantifying the present and future stability of the Arctic halocline: synthesizing modeling and observations 

Discipline: Environmental Science 

Partner Institutions: University of Washington / Ifremer  

Laureates: John Guthrie / Camille Lique 


Enabling Mechanical Recycling of Rubbers through Polymer Mechanochemistry 

Discipline: Chemistry 

Partner Institutions: University of Texas at Austin / University de Lyon  

Laureates: Gabriel Sanoja / Damien Montarnal 


POET-Particles as niches for nOn-cyanobactErial diazoTrophs 

Discipline: Environmental Science 

Partner Institutions: University of Santa Cruz / Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography 

Laureates: Kendra Turk-Kubo / Mar Benavides 


Genomic variability and evolution of the plant pathogenic fungus Rhizoctonia solani AG1 associated with multiple hosts of agronomic and economic importance around the world 

Discipline : Biology  

Partner Institutions: University of Arkansas / Plant Health Institute Montpellier  

Laureates: Alejandro Rojas / Pierre Gladieux 


Automated discovery of solar-powered chemical reactions 

Discipline: Chemistry  

Partner Institution: Northeastern University / Aix-Marseille Université  

Laureates: Steven Lopez / Max Pinheiro Junior 


Biophysical modeling to inform Brain-Computer Interface learning mechanisms 

Discipline: Engineering 

Partner Institutions: University of California San Diego / Inria, Institut du Cerveau  

Laureates: Parul Verma / Marie-Constance Corsi 


Modeling plastic pollution beaching 

Discipline: Environmental Science 

Partner Institutions: University of Wisconsin-Madison / CNRS 

Laureates: Nimish Pujara / Gautier Verhille 


Learn more about eligibility criteria and past selected projects here. 


The Transatlantic Research Partnership is made possible by the generous support of the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, the PACCAR Foundation, the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.