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Podcast on "The Talking Cure" with Raphaëlle Boitel

Recently, The Talking Cure, produced by The Office of Arts + Cultural Programming at Montclair State University (MSU),  published a new podcast with French choreographer, circus artist, and director of the company L'Oubliée, Raphaëlle Boitelin discussion with Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director of Arts + Cultural Programming at MSU.

In this episode, Raphaëlle Boitel describes her life during the pandemic and reflects retrospectively on her dystopian work "When Angels Fall," which was presented by PEAK Performances in 2019. Through this performance, did the artist already have the feeling that the future would be so uncertain? Raphaëlle Boitel also reveals her new project which will be a triptych of women's portraits: A solo performance by the contortionist followed by a duet and then a trio of women. In each part of this performance, the women explore their experience of stigmas and beauty, through the movement of their bodies 

To access the podcast, click here

About "The Talking Cure" podcast with Jedediah Wheeler 

“The Talking Cure” are informal conversations between Montclair State University’s Executive Director for Arts + Cultural Programming Jedediah Wheeler and innovative artists and administrators from PEAK Performances’ local and worldwide community. This series of podcasts highlight issues that expand our appreciation of the contemporary performing arts experience as told by creative practitioners.