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Climate Change and The Arts: 2015-2020

Les Glaciers Grondants by David Lescot

On December 12, 2015, the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ratified an historic agreement to adapt to the consequences of global warming and, above all, to take the necessary steps to reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions.

Besides political and economic actions, the change in our social perception comes mainly from activists, including artists. Creativity can be used to serve universal motivations and common causes such as the importance of cultural diversity, the respect for human rights, and the fight against global warming. With this in mind, today we are sharing the poem Prophet of the Apocalypse, a text that is part of the performance Les Glaciers Grondants (Thundering Glaciers) by author and director David LescotBelow, you can download the texts in English and French and watch the actress Anne Bonoit perform it. The production was presented by Théâtre de la Ville, in Paris, in December 2015 during the COP 21, as a reminder of the global warning and its desastrous consequences. 


Actress Anne Benoit performing Le Prophète de l'Apocalypse (from Les Glaciers Grondants) with the musicians Benoit Delbecq and Steve Argüelles, and the dancers DeLaVallet Bidiefono and Ingrid Estarque.

About Les Glacier Grondants

Les Glaciers Grondants is both an imaginary chronicle and a documentary drama. Dealing with the relationship between human beings and meteorology, David Lescot shows how temperature, atmospheric precipitation and solar radiation impact us physiologically but above all psychologically. By using his art to contribute to the environmental cause, the writer and director crosses disciplines and mixes poetry and improvisation to tell us the story of a character who was commissioned by a magazine to write an article about global warming. The hero reads and questions himself. His intimate life becomes a reflection of the turmoil that weighs on our planet. In the course of his investigations, he meets different characters: an actress rehearsing Shakespeare's Winter's Tale, a specialist in geoengineering, and the Prophet of the Apocalypse...

About David Lescot

Author, stage director, and musician, David Lescot is an associate artist of Théâtre de la Ville, Paris. His writing, like his stage work, seeks to mix theatre with non-dramatic forms, in particular music.  David’s work has been rewarded with several prizes, including Prize of the Best French Speaking Creation, 2007 and the New Talent (Révélation) Molière Award in 2009. His plays are published by Editions Actes Sud and translated into English, German, Polish, Italian, Russian. Lescot also directs opera such as Mozart’s La Finta Giardiniera (2014 at Opéra de Lille), among others. In the United States, his works have been presented at Princeton University, part of Seuls en scene festival, and New York University. His next production "Dough" (mon fric) with three American actors will be presented by The New Ohio Theater in 2021. To learn more about David Lescot, click here.

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