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2021 FACE Contemporary Theater and FUSED Grantees

Farm Fatale - Philippe Quesne - Vivarium Studio © Martin Argyroglo

FUSED (French U.S. Exchange in Dance) and FACE Contemporary Theater are programs uniquely designed to support artistic collaborations in the performing arts between the USA and France. Each year, a number of artists representing the highest caliber of dance, theatre, circus and puppetry from their respective countries are selected to receive grants for projects undertaken in the partner country.

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation are pleased to announce the 21 projects selected in 2021 representing a total grant in the amount of $202,000. 

FACE Contemporary Theater: $126,000 has been allocated to 13 institutions and companies for residencies and performances in the United States and in France.

FUSED : $76,000 has been allocated to 8 institutions and companies  for residencies and performances in the United States and in France.

The projects will take place during the season 2021-2022.

For FACE Contemporary Theater


"Anywhere" by Théâtre de l'Entreouvert - Elise Vigneron © Vincent Beaume

12 organisations have been awarded grants for residencies, performances and research involving French or based in France artists in the United States:

- Bleus et Ardoise, for  a residency by French author and director Françoise Dô, from Martinique, at Chicago-based institutions for the development of a two-woman play July 1961 (Chicago, IL) ;  

- In Parentheses, for a residency of the French author Violaine Schwartz to develop and present a theatrical adaptation of PAPERS in collaboration with New York-based director Marion Schoevaert and local performers (New York, NY);  

- Performance Spaces for the 21c. (PS21), to spearhead the debut US tour of Circus Amoukanama from Guinea with a 10-day residency in New York State (Chatham, NY);   

- Princeton University to present Daniely Francisque in Moi, Fardeau Inherent written by Haitian author Guy Régis Jr.  and Etienne Minoungou in Traces by Felwine Sarr at the Seuls en scène Festival (Princeton, NJ);

- Rochester Fringe Festival, Inc. to present the interactive show by Compagnie GalmaeIt’s not here, it’s over here (Rochester, NY);  

- Hand2 Mouth to present the final phase of the  collaborative project with French street arts company Begat Theater  titled The HOME Experiment  (Portland, OR);   

- Kaneza Schaal , c/o The Field , to direct and present Quake written by Guy Régis Jr.  in Haiti, New York and Rwanda (New York, New York); 

- St Ann's Warehouse to present the U.S. premiere of Edouard Louis' personal memoire Who Killed My Father directed by Thomas Ostermeier (Brooklyn, NY);  

- Presidio Theatre to present BOUCAN by French contemporary circus company, Cirk biZ'arT  (San Franscisco, CA);  

- HERE Art Center to present Anywhere by Théâtre de l'Entrouvert-Elise Vigneron (New York, NY);  

- Spoleto Festival USA to present six performances of the new work Moby Dick by Yngvild Aspeli, Compagnie Plexus Polaire (Charleston, SC);  

- PS21 to host performances of Farm Fatale by Philippe Quesne - Vivarium Studio as part of the PS21/Chatham Pathways: Blazing a Trail for a Sustainable Future initiative (Chatham, NY);

One U.S. company has been awarded a grant for a presentation in France:

- New York-based company Sinking Ship, to to perform A Hunger Artist at the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionettes (Charleville-Mézières, France).


Emanuel Gat Dance © Julia Gat

7 institutions have been awarded grants for projects involving French, or based in France, dance artists in the US:

- NA MATA LAB  to support a residency by Brazilian-born artist and performer Ana Pi   to develop The Divine Cipher  (New York, NY);

The Invisible Dog Art Center to host a residency by Thierry Thieu Niang to develop the interactive piece Our First Time with participants from the LGBTQA+ community (Brooklyn, NY);

Chez Bushwick to host Nidal Abdo and Collective Nafass in a residency to develop the third part of his work Habitus (New York, NY);

Fua Di Congo for a residency involving Afro-French hip-hop ensemble Ambiance Facil for the US debut of its project Lufuki: The Origins of Funk at Fua Dia Congo (Oakland, CA);

American Dance Festival to present Emanuel Gat Dance’s LOVETRAIN2020 at the 2022 festival season (Durham, NC);

Choregus Productions to present Fouad Boussouf-Compagnie Massala’s Näss as part of its 2022 US tour (Tulsa, OK);

City Parks Foundation to present the US premiere of Anopas by hip hop company, Art Move Concept at SummerStage 2022 (New York, NY). 

One US-based dance company has received a grant to present work in France:

- Threads Dance Project (Minneapolis, MN) to partner with the Louvre and dance artists Salia Sanou (Burkina Faso) and Hamdi Dridi (France) to present and perform two works during a twelve-day tour.


FUSED: French U.S. Exchange in Dance fosters dialogue, strengthens professional relationships and sparks creative artistry through cultural exchanges by introducing choreographers and performers whose works have never or have rarely been seen in the partner country. Created in 2004 as a partnership with NEFA-National Dance Project, FUSED has allowed artists to pursue projects in either America or France, which has in turn led them to achieve international recognition.

Since 2018, FUSED has been operated by FACE Foundation in partnership with The Cultural Services of the French Embassy. It continues its mission and has expanded to include projects by artists from Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East, performing in the United States, so long as their work is co-produced by French cultural institutions. Eligible projects include productions, residencies, and the presentation and touring of French artists in the United States as well as American artists in France.   

Project proposals are evaluated by an independent committee following each year’s application call, and, since its creation, FUSED has distributed more than $2 millions dollars to 198 projects that reflect the cultural and artistic diversity of the French and American contemporary choreographic scenes 

About FACE Contemporary Theater

Created in 1999 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation, FACE Contemporary Theater fosters French-American artistic collaborations in contemporary theater, circus, puppetry, and street theater allocating residency and presentation grants to French and American nonprofit institutions.    Since 2017, the program has expanded beyond artists based in France and the United States to include projects by artists from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East performing in the United States, as long as their work is co-produced by French cultural institutions.  

Project proposals are evaluated by an independent committee following each year’s application call, and, since its creation, FACE Contemporary Theater has distributed more than $3 millions dollars to 300 projects that reflect the cultural and artistic diversity of the French and American contemporary scenes.  

For 2021, FACE Contemporary Theater has adjusted its criteria to better answer to the needs of artistic cooperation in today’s world by encouraging the development of theater projects using digital innovation as well as performances in public spaces.