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Danse: A French-american Festival Of Performance & Ideas

During the first three weeks of May, DANSE: A French-American Festival of Performance & Ideas brought a slice of contemporary French choreography to New York City. In this video, a range of presenters, choreographers and scholars discuss the unique importance of this festival. As Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer at BAM, explains, “the French Cultural Services saw this as a platform to give the city of New York an opportunity to be introduced to a whole range of new ideas…of what dance is in the 21st century.”  Artists in France and the US, notes Noemie Salomon, editor of the accompanying book DANSE: An Anthology “have engaged in a meaningful collaboration over the last decade,” and provides a glimpse of the current fruits of that artistic dialogue.

For choreographer Christian Rizzo, whose piece ni fleur, ni ford - mustang was presented at BAM as part of the festival, these collaborations have centered around a shared interest in “the idea of the history of dance connected with the history of art, and specifically with Minimalism.” And, although the festival is over, readers can still engage with the issues at the heart of this event by picking up DANSE: An Anthology, in Melillo’s words, “an important contribution to the dialogue around contemporary dance."