11 Innovative Young Culture-Focused French Startups come to New York and Montreal for Le Créative Lab North America, 5th edition

11 Innovative Young Culture-Focused French Startups come to New York and Montreal for Le Créative Lab North America, 5th edition

NEW YORK, November 4, 2019Le Créative Lab North America has announced their selection of eleven France-based companies slated to participate in the 5th edition of their incubator for French startups in the cultural and creative fields from November 11 to 19 in New York and Montreal.

Le Créative Lab North America looks for emerging companies that combine technological innovations with the visual arts, literature, music, and the like. This year’s selected startups represent products and services in fields as varied as AR/VR, children’s education, music, digital art and museum mediation.

Le Créative Lab North America 2019 Startups:

Aji Digital offers advertisers an easy way to create customizable digital advertisements on HD screens controlled from a smart phone.

Blink Book is a wildly imaginative app for children that transforms coloring book pages into interactive stories via a television screen.

Hip Hop Community is an online platform specifically for the hip-hop community and those looking to hire an artist for an event, project, etc.

Livdeo is an interactive tool for visitors of all backgrounds and abilities to enjoy the culture and history of a place or museum without constant internet connection.

Mathematic is a creative studio that focuses on groundbreaking visuals for advertisements, music videos, and, more recently, feature films.

Miscible specializes in creative tech project management and uses their network of artists and designers to help you find the best solutions for your project.

RealCast provides access to real world information through the combination of the natural with extended reality technology.

Spideo analyzes data for streaming services and other creative services to provide the best recommendations, and the most appropriate content to their customers based on their tastes.

Wipplay is a platform for photographers and admirers of the medium that features news regarding the photography community, forums, contests, and a marketplace.

Virtual Journey produces virtual reality experiences that invites visitors to immersive and interactive guided tours lasting about ten minutes.

Trans-Faire is a professional training center specializing in work/study training for  sports-centric careers and management.

Le Créative Lab North America gives participants the opportunity to learn from professionals with intense training and hands-on experience in two North American cities. The program begins with a one-day preparatory boot camp in Paris in partnership with FAR, the new incubator launched by Créatis and dedicated to startups from the cultural and creative industries. The participants then travel to New York and Montreal from November 11 to November 19.

In New York, Le Créative Lab startups attend workshops in marketing, U.S. business etiquette, fundraising strategies, and media presence. They participate in networking events and personalized business meetings. They are also given the opportunity to connect with potential partners and perfect their pitch before a varied audience. In Montréal, they spend 2 days attending masterclasses on the cultural, tourism, and entertainment industries in Canada that introduce participants to the city’s tech ecosystem.

Both visits are intended to help participants make connections that will ultimately allow them to expand their current contacts on an international level. Through this program, French start-ups in the cultural and creative fields will gain the skills to adapt their products or services to the North American consumer, to define a commercial strategy tailored to the market, and to establish initial contact with potential partners and clients in the United States and Canada.

Previous participants include, Minsar by Opuscope SAS, a code-free platform for sharing, distributing, and collaborating on AR/VR experiences. Since 2018, the company has doubled in size, won a significant grant from the Magic Leap Creators program, and is hoping to open their first US office in 2020. Soraya Jaber, the CEO and Founder of Minsar stated that “The program provides the perfect platform to get exposure in front of the right people, and to plant the seeds for your future business development.”

Le Créative Lab North America program is co-produced by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Business France and supported by the FACE Foundation and the Cultural Service of the French Consulate in Québec.

Le Créative Lab is supported by the FACE Foundation.
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More information: www.Lecreativelab-northamerica.com


The Cultural Services of the French Embassy promotes the best of French arts, literature, cinema, digital innovation, language, and higher education across the US. Headquartered in New York City and Washington D.C., with offices in eight other cities across the country, the Cultural Services brings artists, authors, intellectuals, and innovators to cities nationwide. It also builds partnerships between French and American artists, institutions and universities on both sides of the Atlantic. With dedicated departments in Los Angeles and New York, the Cultural Services foster the development of French and American startups in the cultural and creative sector. http://www.frenchculture.org  

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and runs the V.I.E international internship program. www.businessfrance.fr

FACE Foundation is an American non-profit organization dedicated to cultural and educational exchanges between France and the United States. In collaboration with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US, FACE supports distribution and creation in the fields of cinema, the visual arts, theater, dance, music, and literature. It also encouraged partnerships in education and research. http://face-foundation.org/

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