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  • Institut Français

    The Institut Français promotes French culture overseas. Online, the cinema section of the IF website supplies films for non-commercial distribution to French cultural institutions abroad.

  • Unifrance

    An organization operating under the supervision of the CNC, the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée is dedicated to the promotion of French cinema worldwide. Their website offers the latest news on French films abroad. Unifrance currently has approximately 600 members, including feature film and short film producers, sales agents, directors, actors, screenwriters, and talent agents.

  • Centre National Du Cinéma Et De L’image Animée (cnc)

    A public administrative organization under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The CNC promotes film and television for distribution and film preservation. Their online platform is a useful site for film industry professionals offering news and statistics on French film exports, production agreements, and more.

  • La Cinémathèque De Paris

    The Cinémathèque Française holds one of the largest archives of films, movie documents and film-related objects in the world. Located in Paris, the Cinémathèque presents daily screenings of films from around the world. (Website in French)

  • Les Cahiers Du Cinéma

    An influential French magazine for film theory and criticism since 1951. Initially edited by Éric Rohmer (Maurice Scherer), Les Cahiers du Cinéma has included amongst its writers Jacques Rivette, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol and François Truffaut and played an essitial role in the creation of the New Wave. (Website in French)


  • Mediamerica

    Created and administered by the French Embassy's Film, Television & New Media Department since 2004, Mediamerica.org is a resource for French professionals in the audiovisual industry. It provides information on the latest trends in North American cinema, music, television, radio and media. (Website in French)

  • L’institut National De L’audiovisuel (ina)

    The Institut national de l'audiovisuel (INA) is the French national archive for radio and television producations. A selection of INA’s collection is available online.



  • Tv5monde

    The leading 24/7 international French language television network broadcasting daily newscasts, films and series (with subtitles), entertainment programs, documentaries, cultural programs and international sports coverage.