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Aug 25
Book Club on Guy de Maupassant’s Like Death ONLINE EVENT Albertine Books New York, NY
Aug 25
Book Club on Guy de Maupassant’s Like Death ONLINE EVENT Albertine Books New York, NY
Sep 8
Book Club on Kaouther Adimi’s Our Riches ONLINE EVENT Albertine Books New York, NY
University of California at Los Angeles


Director: Professor Malina Stefanovska


The Centre director is always the Chair of the Department of French and Francophone Studies. Our annual request for financial support is accompanied by a signed letter from the Dean of Humanities confirming the Chair as Director. The Centre at UCLA is run out of the Dept of French/Francophone Studies but operates as a “parapluie” organization – encouraging and supporting French-related activities on campus: lectures, guest speakers, conferences, etc. Recent co-sponsored events include: European Studies, Music, History, Sociology, Film, Theatre, etc.

Funding: the funding we receive for the Centre is only a small percentage of our annual budget and activities. However, we communicate and work closely with the French Cultural Services in LA and announce most of events through their network and our own web-site, and most events are co-sponsored between our Centre and Department.


The Centre was renamed the Centre for the Study of Global France in 2004 to reflect the major focus and specific nature of Los Angeles – we are very much concerned with contemporary global issues – immigration, European Union, comparative cultural analysis, study of race and postcolonial cultures, etc. from a multi-disciplinary perspective. However, we have been involved in all kinds of events that relate to other areas of research and interest: Architecture, Music, Art, etc.


We have several research priorities:

  • Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures and Literatures.
  • Colonial and postcolonial history and comparative race.
  • France and the European Union.
  • Graduate Student annual conference.
  • Guest speaker series: featuring guest speakers and authors from France – all historical periods and genres.
  • Co-sponsorship of French-content activities at UCLA: music, art, architecture, literature, sociology, politics, history, etc.
  • Conference planning.



Department of French and Francophone Studies
212 Royce Hall / Box 951550
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1550