MAY 2, 2016

French Books USA: Week in Review

By Book Department

Celebrating Jean Genet's plays; interviews with Andreï Makine and Karim Miské; Olivier Wierviorka’s The French Resistance; the 2016 Best Translated Book Award shortlist and the 2016 Eisner Awards nominations; Michèle Audin on Oulipo and One Hundred Twenty-One Days; the Book Department is looking for an American communications intern to start July 1!

MAY 2, 2016

Wajdi Mouawad: New Director of Théâtre national de la Colline

By Visual & Performing Arts Department

In April 2016, playwright, actor, and director Wajdi Mouawad was appointed director of the Théâtre national de la Colline in Paris.

APRIL 26, 2016

MegaCities ShortDocs Contest and Festivals

By Film Department (New York)

MegaCities ShortDocs international contest and festivals are held in Megacities (or metropolises) to support the production of short documentaries that raise awareness about urban challenges. Applications for 2016 edition are now open to 11 megacities: New York, Mexico, São Paulo, Paris, Cairo, Moscow, Delhi, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

APRIL 25, 2016

Sandtown Murals

By Culture (Washington DC)

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy is pleased to present the project Sandtown Murals led in partnership with CrossCurrents Foundation.

APRIL 25, 2016

Interview: Karim Miské, by his translator Sam Gordon


An interview between writer Karim Miské author of Arab Jazz, and his translator Sam Gordon

APRIL 25, 2016

France honors Edouard Duval-Carrie with the Order of Arts and Letters

By Culture & Education (Miami)

Haitian artist Edouard Duval-Carrie received the Medal for Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters from the Consul General of France. He was awarded for his artistic accomplishments and his support of French and Francophone culture locally and internationally.

APRIL 21, 2016

French Films Extravaganza

By Film, TV & New Media (Los Angeles)

Back by popular demand! Under The Milky Way will again be offering a collection of 50 French films at discounted prices for the month of May.

APRIL 15, 2016

French Books USA: Week in Review

By Book Department

Boulet nominated by the National Cartoonists Society; ALTA Emerging Translator Mentorship application due April 22; Lyon hosted the international crime fiction festival known as the Quai du Polar; Livre Inter 2016 nominees include Edouard Louis’s Histoire de la violence, Jean Echenoz’s Envoyée spéciale, Marie Dorsan‘s debut novel Le Présent infini s’arrête, and Celle que vous croyez by Camille Laurens.

APRIL 13, 2016

Say Oui ! : Interview avec Elaine Guillot


French student and graphic designer Elaine Guillot is trying to reinvigorate Francophonie in North Louisiana. In her interview with the Consulate General, Elaine unveils her unconventional methods and efforts to reaffirm the importance of French in Lincoln Parish.

APRIL 11, 2016

Riad Sattouf's "L'Arabe du Futur" has won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize!

By Culture & Education (Los Angeles)

While already popular and the winner of multiple awards in France, Riad Sattouf's "L'Arabe du Futur", has been chosen as the winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize! The award recognizes the French author, who is also the author of "Cahiers d'Esther". As popular and famous as the comic is, it as been translated into 17 languages!

APRIL 11, 2016

Remembering Patrice Chéreau

By Visual & Performing Arts Department

This month, the Metropolitan Opera premiere of Patrice Chéreau’s staging of Elektra is an opportunity to commemorate the unforgettable contribution of this great director to theatre, opera and film.

APRIL 6, 2016

Interview with Pascal Yonet, Director of the Rural Art Center Vent Des Forêts

By Dorothée Charles

Pascal Yonet has been the head of the the Association Vent des Forêts in the département of La Meuse since 2008, a rural contemporary art space dedicated to research and artistic production in forest and agricultural territories. A philosopher by training, he served as a freelance editor and since 2011, as deputy director of the Centre national de l’édition et de l’art imprimé (Cneai – Chatou).