Apply for a French Heritage Language Program Grant

Apply for a French Heritage Language Program Grant

Supporting schools that provide free French classes to Francophone students.

The French Heritage Language Program (FHLP), part of the French for All initiative launched by President of France Emmanuel Macron in 2022, aims to help high students who recently immigrated to the US leverage the French language skills they use at home as an asset in their new life through programs such as AP coursework, college prep, and programs in the arts, all with a focus on West African and Caribbean cultures.

School districts, after school programs, and community organizations wishing to implement affordable French courses for youth for whom French is a heritage language are invited to apply for a grant of up to $30,000 by December 15, 2023. The funds are intended to serve as a catalyst for the development of enriching educational initiatives and initiatives that foster a deep appreciation for the French language and culture in the United States. Detailed application instructions are available here.

Beyond financial support, the FHLP also offers its grantees access to a catalogue of curated educational materials tailored to cater to the specific needs and proficiency levels of heritage language speakers as well as one-on-one support from the FHLP Program Coordinator.

Apply by December 15, 2023 here.

For questions and inquiries, contact FHLP here.