TAPIF to Teacher Initiative

TAPIF to Teacher Initiative

An accelerated path to earning a Master's Degree while teaching in France.

An exciting new opportunity for current TAPIF Assistants

Incoming TAPIF assistants for the 2023-2024 school year, who are interested in pursuing careers in language education, are encouraged to apply for the TAPIF to Teacher Scholarship Program!

The TAPIF to Teacher (T2T) pilot program offers full scholarships to obtain an online graduate certificate (Diplôme d’Université) in teaching French as a foreign language while doing TAPIF. Up to 12 credits are transferrable toward a Master’s in Teaching program at one of our partner universities in the U.S. Upon acceptance, enrollment in T2T requires a $150 fee.

Thanks to the French for All initiative, the French Embassy will offer up to 200 full scholarships for this certificate.

The syllabi of this certificate program are currently being designed, and will offer two tracks:

1/ Teaching French as a World Language (High School)

2/ Teaching in a French Dual language Immersion program (Elementary and Middle School)

Applications for the French Embassy scholarship are here.

Candidates accepted for the scholarship will also be guaranteed a place in the Université de Nanterre FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) certificate program. To learn more about the curriculum, see the syllabus here.

Thanks to TAPIF to Teacher’s online format, assistants can also participate from anywhere in France. Upon successful completion of the program, assistants will receive an official graduate certificate (Diplôme d’Université in France) from Université de Nanterre.

Current US TAPIF to Teacher university partners include Concordia College and Boston University, both known for their programs in education policy and practice. More partnerships will be announced as agreements are finalized, and candidates are encouraged to explore credit transfer options with other universities of their choice.

With TAPIF to Teacher, you can continue the language teaching journey you begin in France and acquire valuable training for the job market. Prepare your application today, and be sure to check out the FAQ sheet.

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